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The Importance of Printing Your Photos

January 24, 2023

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Think about your favourite photographs. Where are they stored? On a smartphone? On a laptop?  On Facebook? Maybe you pay that extra monthly fee for storage in a cloud somewhere out there in the universe. Our grandparents have a very diferent answer to where they keep their cherished photos. Their photos are printed in albums, in keepsake boxes, and hung on walls in places of honour. Let’s all admit that most of our photos are only in digital form. Again, picture those sweet smiles, the captured laughs, first moments, milestones, and other memories. If your laptop or storage fails (they all do at some point), what images will be gone forever? 

I understand that digital images have a purpose and they are important. I shoot with professional digital equipment and back every single image up as soon as I return home from your wedding or photo sessions in multiple locations. My wedding packages, engagement sessions, and portrait sessions include an online gallery. You always have the option to order a USB of your photos. We all want to share our photos on social media and digital files are how that happens. However, that was never meant to be the final place for photography.

If you stop with digitals, you are missing the real art of the photograph. Professional photos are so much richer when printed. The colours, the textures, and the emotions just seem to come to life when you can hold him in your hand in an album or hang them on your wall. Details pop when you get your photos off a screen and onto print. Technology is always changing. Printed photography will stand the test of time. When you work with me to create fine art prints of your family portraits to hang on your wall, you will have those forever. As your family grows, you can see those moments in front of you all the time. When I design an heirloom-quality album of your wedding, you will be able to hand that album to your grandchildren one day!

I adore meeting with my clients following their wedding or portrait session at my studio to talk through the options for preserving their images outside of digital copies. There are so many options when it comes to prints and albums. As a professional, I pride myself on only offering the best options of prints or canvases that won’t fade over time. It can be a little daunting when picking art for your home. To make that easier, I can show you virtually what prints will look like on your wall just by having you send me a photo of a wall in your home. We can try different sizes and combinations until you get exactly the look you desire! For albums, I will go through binding and cover options and make sure your photos are laid out on each page in a way that tells the story of your wedding or portrait session. 

This USB is beautifully packaged, but your guests can’t relive the love and happiness from your wedding day

Keep backup files of your images online and on hard drives. Those are great as backups! However, digital files should not be the primary way you enjoy your family photos. Digitals are meant for storage. Your gorgeous photos are meant to be seen! Hang them up. Print them all and fill a special memory box. Let me create a storyboard of several of your favourite photos to frame or pick your absolute favourite and let’s print it on a huge canvas to hang proudly in your home. You will never regret enjoying the investment you made in printing your photos but I guarantee who will regret it if you don’t and those digitals disappear!

Contact me if you want to chat about how you can have fine art quality photography for your wedding or family photos. I would love to answer your questions about my photography offerings and how you can print your photos.

Framed wedding photo in a living room

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