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Mr & Mrs interview – Helen & Christopher

July 7, 2019

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There was so much love and happiness on Helen & Christopher’s wedding day. The happy couple were married on 7th July 2018, surrounded by their friends and family as they celebrated their perfect wedding at the Beech Hill Hotel. It was truly a pleasure to be a part of it all!

The couple fused tradition with a few modern twists, the result of which was a unique day. Therefore, with this in mind, I caught up with the newlyweds, to get an insight into their wedding day. Here, in this Mr & Mrs style interview, Helen and Christopher reflect on what an amazing day it was.

Biggest surprise of the day

He said: Probably the watch my wife bought me as a wedding present. And the fact we got to walk into the tent to ‘It’s coming home’. Shame England didn’t actually do that, haha. [Their wedding was on the same day as the quarter-final match with Sweden]

She said: I think for me the most surprising part of the day was Chris’ speech. He had told me for months that it was the bit he was most nervous about and that he hated public speaking so I expected him to get up and just read from the page and sit down as quickly as he could. But his speech was amazing and so natural and I was so proud of him.

Best moment of the day

He said: Seeing my beautiful wife walking down the aisle.

She said: Too many to count, but I think a couple of parts stick out for me. The first was walking out of the vestry with Chris after signing the register and standing at the top of aisle with everyone we love in front of us and then walking down the aisle amongst them as husband and wife. And then of course, when we got out of the church and there were our dogs to greet us too!

And the second moment for me wasn’t really a moment as such but various moments during the day, such as being able to look around and see everyone I love so happy – my parents in particular. We had a hard few weeks before the wedding with the loss of my granny and seeing see my dad with a huge smile on his face all day was just a joy.

How were you feeling before the ceremony?

He said: Pretty nervous. We’d had a run through a couple of days before but I still didn’t really know what was going on. I was hoping to get through it and not mess anything up.

She said: I think I got so caught up with making sure that all the bridesmaids were on schedule with hair and makeup and that everyone had got some breakfast that I almost forgot about what we were getting ready for! I was very calm and relaxed about it all until we got into the cars and that’s when I think it hit me that we were actually on the way to the wedding. I suddenly wasn’t surrounded by people anymore and it was just me and my dad. I remember getting out of the car at the church and having to take a deep breath because the nerves really hit me.

How did you feel when you saw your other half for the first time?

He said: Just wow. She looked absolutely beautiful – she really took my breath away!

She said: I think I was so overwhelmed by everyone I know being in this one room looking at my dad and I walking up the aisle that I almost forgot to look at Chris to begin with! I remember as I got closer that he was doing his best not to look behind him until I got beside him. All I remember feeling when we did finally look at each other was just overwhelming happiness.

How would you describe the style of your wedding?

He said: Traditional.

She said: I think our wedding was quite traditional with a few modern twists. I just wanted there to be lots of light and joy.

What was the most fun thing about wedding planning?

He said: Definitely the cake tasting.

She said: I think Chris will probably say the cake tasting…but for me, I think it was as we got closer, just seeing it all come together and start to feel real. Obviously finding my dress was a real highlight too.

What was the most difficult thing to agree on?

He said: We didn’t really struggle to agree on anything, mainly because I’m pretty relaxed and the few things she asked my opinion on she did the opposite of what I said anyway.

She said: I don’t think we really argued about much when it came to planning the wedding – probably because I made all of the decisions and Chris went along with it!

How does it feel to be married?

He said: It doesn’t feel any different to before. Although I do get given a lot more orders now that we’re married!!

She said: In a lot of ways, nothing has really changed but at the same time, it feels more secure and comfortable to know that we’re married. I just really enjoy getting to call him my husband when I talk about him and I’m proud to be his wife now.

How was your honeymoon?

He said: The honeymoon was amazing! We spent ten days in a water villa in the Maldives and it’s ruined pretty much any holiday I’ll ever go on again.

She said: The honeymoon was amazing! We went to the Maldives for 10 days and were able to just relax with each other.

Any advice for other couples?

He said: Just relax and enjoy the day. It goes by so quickly and before you know it the cake will be cut and you can let loose and enjoy yourself!

She said: Don’t let suppliers try to push you into buying things you don’t really love. It’s your day and you can celebrate it any way you want! But most of all, enjoy every second of it because it really does go by in a flash! I’m so glad we picked Michael as our photographer because he really did capture the joy of the day and I just love looking through our wedding photos.

Sum up your day in a single sentence

He said: Best day ever!

She said: The best day of my life.

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