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Why does the bride stand on her left?

April 2, 2015

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Frequently at weddings I am asked on which side should the bride and groom stand to each other and I was told a few years ago that the bride should always stand on the left but I was never that sure why so I decided to find out why.

The reason isn’t quite as glamorous as you would think however and it comes from the old days of “marriage by capture” when the groom needed to have his right hand, which traditionally held his sword, free to defend his bride from any potential suitors threatening to steal her from the altar. Must have made for a pretty tense ceremony but thankfully those days are behind us!

If you want to switch sides there is no “official” reason not to but it is always best to check with your minister to ensure that it doesn’t go against the beliefs of your church.

Bride stnading on the left in wedding ceremony

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