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Why a wedding album will be one of your best ever purchases

June 8, 2020

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Picture this scene.

You and your other half are visiting your parents for Sunday dinner many years from now. As you walk into their house, your three children run ahead of you to grab a hug from granny and granda in the kitchen. Their screams of delight as they show them their newest toy. You all exchange your hellos and ‘what’s been happening’ chats.

After dinner as you’re all sitting down on the sofas digesting your roast and mulling over the third cup of tea, one of your children come running in with a big, bulky wooden book. On the front is a photograph of your parents on their wedding day. You all proceed to look through it and laugh at granny’s funny hairdo and granda’s…well…hair which is now long gone. You look fondly at the people no longer still alive but looking so happy and youthful in the photographs within.

You take a brief moment to realise that three generations of your family are all reminiscing and finding so much pleasure in this cherished keepsake. What a beautiful moment.

Now rewind to the present day and let me explain, if you haven’t got the message already, why purchasing a wedding album will be one of your best moves after the big day.

Firstly, and rather selfishly on my part, is the plain fact that seeing your wedding photographs in print rather than simply on a screen will give them a whole new meaning. Each time I see one of my couples’ wedding albums arrive, I get so excited to see how it looks. To physically hold your album and view your photographs in such a stunning, quality heirloom is nothing short of magical.

Secondly, and some might say most importantly, is the fact that it will become part of your family legacy. Like the story you read above, your album will be poured over by your children and grandchildren and beyond. Technology such as a USB will become obsolete as the newest tech is developed but a book is made for lifelong enjoyment.

Couple browsing wedding album

Thirdly, I have sourced some of the best album makers the world has to offer. My ranges are handmade in Italy and come in a gorgeous design box that will make an impact before you even open up to see the album itself. I offer both storybook and matted albums giving you the choice of the contemporary or more traditional style. My album suppliers have spent over twenty years refining their materials and techniques to create “a memento guaranteed to preserve unaltered through the years, the charm and the emotions of the most beautiful story in the world.”

Lastly, it is actually a lot of fun putting your album together. You get to relive your wedding day all over again. When you come to my studio for your viewing session, I’ll help you choose your favourite photographs from your gallery to add to your album design. I can advise on how to tell the story of your day in the best way. You simply choose your album design elements such as cover colours, paper and box. Then I design your album and send through a proof directly to you via email. You can make notes and send me feedback so that we get it perfectly right for you. It’s honestly as easy as that.

When you see your completed album, you will fall in love with it.

Our own wedding album features an oak cover engraved with artwork of the villa that hosted our reception

So, what are you waiting for?

Contact me to call out for a coffee and have a look through my wedding albums, or if you’d like to add an album to your wedding collection.

Fine-art wedding album

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