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The Start of Project 52 2016

January 8, 2016

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In photography I feel that it’s always important to keep training and pushing yourself and your skills so that you can be confident of continuously creating amazing and unique images. As part of this I am embarking on a personal project for 2016 during which I need to take a photograph every week on a certain theme. As simple as it sounds I will be challenging myself to make sure every photo is an eye-catching image that I can be proud of!

The themes will rotate through Portrait, Landscape and Artistic and first up is a self-portrait, seeing as I’m doing all the work its only fair I get in first! So Week 1 is a self-portrait (using a remote timer) of myself in my office with my cat Storm. I was expecting to be just sitting holding Storm but her curiosity got the better of her and created a brilliant portrait of us both!

Also, I know the wall behind me looks very empty but I am so picky and have yet to decide what I will display there! To the left you can see my “pride wall”, a collection of some of my favourite prints which is constantly updated to remind me to keep pushing and exploring my photography.

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