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Wilson Family Studio Session

May 11, 2018

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I first met Christopher a few years ago photographing Gatha & John’s wedding and when they decided to create some family photos to mark their eldest daughter heading off to uni, I was delighted that he asked me!

It was clear as soon as they arrived how close they all are, and the hilarious sibling rivalry between the two sisters was matched only by how close the two of them are. I loved watching them interact with each other, the girls delighting in trying to embarrass their father and mum Susan laughing as he squirmed. They were a pleasure to work with and the single hour we had was not very long but it was ample time to capture the love and laughter among this amazing family!

Check out their photos below and let me know what you think in the comments. You can watch their video slideshow here on my YouTube channel and book your own portrait session here. It was a brilliant family portrait session and they were a true delight to photograph!

Family studio photo in Derry

Family of four sitting on studio floor

Two photos of sisters

Black and white portrait of sisters

Head shot of girl sitting on her own.

Portrait of two sisters in studio in Londonderry

Two sisters giving piggyback in photo studio in Derry

Family having piggyback in portrait studio in Londonderry

Black and white family photo of four

Studio ohoto in Londonderry of husband and wife

Portraits of husband and wife in studio

Portrait of girl standing

Studio portrait of family of four in Londonderry

Studio portrait of family of four in Londonderry

Dad with his daughters

Mum with her daughters

Portrait photo of mum and her daughter in the studio in Derry

Family of four lying down in my studio in Londonderry

Sisters lying down in my studio in Londonderry

Studio portrait of family of four in Londonderry

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