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Organising our wedding in Rome!

January 22, 2017

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Our wedding plans are moving ahead and our excitement is building! I have always said to couples that no matter which month of the year their wedding is, it always gets a lot closer when it becomes “this year”, and Vanessa and I are experiencing that right now!

The first few months of our wedding planning were quite busy as we chose and booked all of our vendors with the help of our fantastic planner Louise! During our Easter visit to Rome Louise had booked appointments to meet a couple of our vendors, including Vanessa’s hairstylist (who is originally from just outside Derry!) and our florist and while time constraints meant that we couldn’t meet our DJ we have since had a Skype chat with him. Rather worryingly Vanessa is very excited about the DJ is as he is very, very, good looking, so I might suggest that he could wear a futuristic helmet when playing, á la Daft Punk!

Our Save the Date for Rome
Organisation is so important when planning any event and none more so than a wedding, with so many different suppliers, ideas and offers floating around it’s just not possible to remember it all. During our trip we kept all our paperwork in the Wedding Folder, and yes, it is indeed deserving of the capitalisation! This folder had all the info for our trip, as well as everything we collected, never left Vanessa’s side and I think frequently she was more concerned about the safety of the folder than of me! Nestled inside the front cover was a feather that Vanessa found in the chapel, a treasured omen of good luck for our big day!

Back home, Vanessa and I have setup a dedicated wedding email account, shared our to-do lists using Trello and have been using Dropbox to save all our files, accessible on our computers & phones, meaning that if either of us update our notes, the other person can view the changes immediately. So far all of this has made the planning very easy to keep on top of and really given us a clear idea of how we’re progressing.

To ensure our guests are able to follow our wedding plans we have set up a wedding website that we can keep updated with all the necessary info. We opted for a free website from Getting Married and Vanessa updated it with our info as well as a few of our thoughts on the excitement of getting married! As our plans progress we can add more details and even after our wedding we can help it to share our photos and news from our honeymoon!

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Of course, no modern wedding is complete without its own hashtag to gather all the posts and photos online so Vanessa and I have opted for the mash of our surnames and year, #mclovin17. I was excited that my biggest contribution to my sister’s wedding to Dave Coaton was their very creative and apt hashtag, #getyourcoatonlove!

Our next steps are to start the paperwork necessary to getting married abroad, as well as organising the all-important stag & hen do’s!

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  1. Louise says:

    The excitement is now palpable! Nearly there. I cannot wait to see it all come together. I’m so delighted that you chose me as your Wedding Planner x

    • Mike says:

      Thanks Louise!! I know, it’s all coming together, especially thanks to your help! It’s just great to have someone who knows all the details and can guide us along the way 🙂

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