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Twilight Portraits – The perfect finale for your wedding

May 6, 2020

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Nighttime wedding photos are the stunning conclusion to your wedding photography. The images possess a completely different aura to your afternoon portraits and are perfect as the finale of your wedding album.

Wedding couple photo at night time

The hours before and after sunset are favourites of landscape photographers as the low sun and soft twilight create a beautiful light for photos and this also works perfectly for wedding portraits. Even in the depth of winter some creative lighting effects can make the darkest winter night come alive with light and love!

I normally aim to capture the twilight portraits while the band are setting up in the evening. This has the added bonus of giving the happy couple a ten-minute breather from the hustle & bustle of their reception and helps you cool down in the evening air!

For those of you with summer weddings who are now thinking that your long days have stolen the final flourish from your album, fear not! The two images below were taken mere minutes apart, revealing that no matter what the light it’s possible to create a dramatic low-light portrait that you can proudly display in your home.

Get in touch to chat about your wedding photography and to view my albums to see the full impact of twilight portraits.

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