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Stacey + Liam’s Engagement Photos – Malin Town, Donegal

December 13, 2018

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Stacey & Liam always wanted their engagement photos around their home in Malin town in Donegal, with so many of their favourite spots close by. Stacey was loving getting out for some photos and cuddles with her hubbie-to-be and even camera-shy Liam seemed to be enjoying himself by the end of it!

Like so many relationships, Stacey & Liam’s story started with a simple question. Meeting outside a nightclub in Letterkenny four years ago, Liam asked Stacey for a light, she gave him a light, a smile and her number! From there they have gone from strength to strength, adopting a kitten called Spooky on Halloween and a boxing day proposal at their local pub with all their friends and family watching! Liam admitted he was nervous but he knew Stacey would say yes. He already had the blessing of her father having asked him beforehand which also meant he was able to take a few photos of his proposal!

The happy couple have been planning their wedding day down to every detail, with numerous trips to shops in Derry & Donegal to find all the perfect personal touches for their wedding day and reception. It’s going to be an amazing day and the perfect winter wedding!

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