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Corey’s Holy Communion Photos – Brooke Park

February 1, 2021

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Corey was looking his handsomest for his Holy Communion day and his photos in Brooke Park, Derry.

I always enjoy Holy Communion photoshoots but this one was extra special as Corey is my nephew! It was a beautiful sunshine afternoon in Brooke Park and Corey was loving being the centre of attention. Though seeing as I know the truth, he’s usually in the middle of attention (or trouble!) anyway!

Mum & dad Roisin & John aren’t big fans of the camera so they were happy for all eyes to be on Corey. He had his big brother and sister with him but they’re both teenagers so if it’s not a selfie, they’re not interested!

It was great fun spending the time with them and capturing plenty of great photos of Corey for his Holy Communion!

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