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Galaxy at Grainan

August 17, 2016

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I have worked with Galaxy All-Star Cheer previously and have always marvelled at the skills of the girls, with some of the youngest having abilities well beyond their diminutive heights, so when head coach Aoibheann asked me to take “something a bit different” for them, I knew it was going to be good! As we discussed the shoot Aoibheann explained that it had been the girls asking for the photos as a result of a recent competition where they felt the judges had been biased and had awarded them second place instead of the first that they had clearly earned, and which even all the competing coaches agreed they deserved.

The girls’ wanted to show their resilience that even though they had lost the competition, they learned a valuable lesson both within their sport as well as in life in general, sometimes you can be the best and you still don’t win so they put together their ideas and we came up with the shots below. An Grainan provided the ideal backdrop and for once we were hoping for cloudy weather to suit the mood and unsurprisingly got exactly that!

I had a great afternoon with the girls and again they got to show off their skills, even if I found it quite unnerving watching them perform without crashmats!

Cheerleaders Team Performing Photos - Galaxy Allstar Cheer

Cheerleaders Team Performing Photos - Galaxy Allstar Cheer at An Grianan

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  1. Aoibheann says:

    We had a fab (but freezing) day with Michael at Griannan. Truly a professional. We are thrilled with the photos!!! Very talented photographer who works super hard to give the client what they want (and I’m a fussy client!!)

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