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Kelly Brothers – Downhill Beach

April 29, 2020

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Proving that the best time for family photos is ‘now’, the Kelly brothers were brilliant fun on their photoshoot at Downhill Beach. Unfortunately there’s a sad story behind their session, Dessie’s daughter contacted me looking for a photoshoot as the three brothers are the only remaining members of eight siblings. Sharon wanted to have some great photos of the boys together as she knows moments like these are precious.

I was told that they would keep me entertained and she was not wrong! There was so much banter between the brothers and they were always trying to get a dig in at each other. Dessie and James are both keen photographers and (they say) that Patsy is the troublesome middle child, always up for a party!

I had a great time with the brothers and they were really easy in front of the camera, even if they didn’t think it themselves!

Three brothers on beach family photoshoot

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  1. Betty Irwin says:

    Lovely pictures of my three cousins. Bless them xxx

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