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Mischa & Daisy’s Portraits

May 1, 2021

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Mischa & Daisy were a pair of very well behaved posers in for their dog portraits in my studio in Derry!

I’ve actually known Mischa & Daisy all their lives as their owners are close family friends of mine. I’m not saying I would visit them just so I could see Mischa, but it was clear to see who is more excited when I arrive at her front door!

They may look like teenagers but in dog year’s Mischa is nearly 100 and Daisy isn’t too far behind in her 60s. Easily bribed with treats they were perfect posers in my studio! Very relaxed and obedient dogs, I’m so proud of their photos!

You can read more about my pet portraits here and get in touch to arrange a shoot for your own four-legged family member!

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