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Brodi’s Cake Smash

February 11, 2021

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Brodi was a little legend for his cake smash photos in my studio in Derry!

He came in the door with smiles and his eyes doubled in size as soon as he saw the cake! After a few tentative pokes encouraged by mum & dad, he worked out that this was his cake and he got stuck in! The icing was definitely his fave part of it and at one point he figured his hands were just slowing him down and leant in for a proper big bite 🙂

Mum & dad were happy to watch from a (clean) distance but were soon happy to jump in for a few photos too. All smiles for the camera but their eyes were closely watching his waving, icing covered hands! Brodi has managed to stand on his own but hasn’t quite mastered taking any steps yet. I’m not saying that we were all secretly hoping he’d topple face first into the cake, but we were!

It was great to have Brodi in the studio for his cake-smash photos and he certainly loved the experience as well! Head over to my cake-smash experience for more info on these fun sessions!

Boy's face in cake smash photos

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