First, get in contact  and let me know your due date. I'll ensure I have time around it in my diary so that once your little one arrives, we can plan your session.

How do we book our session?

I aim to have your photos edited and ready 2 to 3 weeks after your shoot. You'll be able to book an appointment to call back to my studio and choose your favourites to print. You'll be able to view all my samples of wall-art and photobooks so you can make the perfect choice for your treasured memories.

When will we be able to view our photos?

Newborns can have dry skin or little scratches, I'll be able to remove these in their photos after your session. If your baby has very dry skin, try applying some baby lotion before your session and bring it with you as well.

What if my little one doesn't have perfect skin?

Of course! We'll take your family photos first so that the siblings can leave for the remainder of the shoot, it can be a long session and quite boring for them once they're not involved.

Can I bring siblings and have some family photos?

We've all had them! Don't be embarrassed if your little one pees or poops on me or the setting, it happens, we'll clean up and keep going. And my little girl has the dubious privilege of being the first baby who has actually had a number two on me during her shoot!

What happens if there's a little "accident"?

Dress comfortably for yourself, but be aware the studio will be very warm to keep your baby comfy while they're nude, so you're best in layers that you can remove to keep cool.

If you've a special outfit for your baby for their shoot, you're welcome to bring it, and I've a range of outfits and wraps that we can use for your shoot.

What do we we wear?

You're welcome to bring any special gifts or items that you'd like to include in your shoot, such as bears or blankets. Also, if mum or dad have any hobbies that they'd like to incorporate, let me know. I've had motorbike helmets, guitars, riding boots and more in shoots, and the photos are always extra special!
Bring your usual changing bag, as well as spare clothes for your baby and you (just in case!). Ideally can you bring some dummies to help settle your baby, but if you're not using them that's grand too.

What do we bring to our shoot?

Ideally you'll feed your baby as soon as you arrive in the studio, so that hopefully they're full and “milk drunk”, ready for a good sleep! If you're bottle feeding, bring plenty of bottles as babies tend to feed more than usual during their photoshoot.

Should I feed my baby before my photoshoot?

Newborn photoshoots can last up to three hours. Most of this time is feeding your little one and settling them to sleep. I'll have snacks ready for you, as well as juice, tea & coffee (including decaf for breastfeeding mummies!).

How long are sessions?

Ideally we'd aim for your session to be within 5-14 days of your baby's birth. During this time they're still very sleepy and love to curl up into an adorable little bundle. We can still photograph them after this time frame but they're more aware of their surroundings and may be more awake in your photos.

When is the best time to schedule a newborn photoshoot?

Frequently Asked Questions - Newborn Portraits


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